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After years of doing complex word and math puzzles...

... I now have an IQ of 149. Frikkin' 'ey what? :)

I am gunna go ta HawVawd. Pawk da cah.

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lmao. long time no see =p
I have fallen into the pit of writing too much hobbit porn. *Sighs*. Fun pit though.
And I suppose that will raise your IQ. It seems it would lower mine.
Well, think about it.
I have to write *so many things* in *so many ways*.
Think about it. I can't just say "I want to fuck you into the mattress".
"I want to ___ you into the mattress": tup ('tupping/being tupped', however writ), rut, bugger, screw, slam, drive, etc. When the smut arrives, it only increases the vocabulary.
Oh, and I do puzzles a lot too.