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Wheeee! *Silly excited*

Okay, so I've been writing slash fanfic of LOTR, particularly hobbits. All of it pretty lovin' up Sam and Frodo. And I just got my first story online, yay! :)

Not really worksafe, mind. It's also the second part of the story (seeing as something got mixed up and they didn't get my first one, so I had to re-send it) but I'm very happy 'bout it. Yay for me!

(Okay, it's not getting something of mine published then made into a classy movie and I move to the tropics, but still, much fun. :))
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Pervy! =D
...HOBBIT FANCIER, is the more accurate term for a pervy hobbit fancier such as myself.
Can't remember who coined that term, but I'd love to shake their hand. ;)