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Been awhile, but this looks to be more of an "appropriate place" for this.

I've recently had another "run in" with "lookitspete", long after our basic cutting of ties. It's due to the fact that *I* initiated it, so whatever came of it, yes, is of my doing. I made a comment in his journal, telling him that maybe he should stop pissing and whining about how MISTREATED AND CASTIGATED he is with the women he dates, and realize that *MAYHAPS* it's of his own doing. What he says is nearly I-DEN-TI-CAL to how he put OUR sitch, so I saw it as such an M.O. that I couldn't help but point it out. I posted about this in my other journal, privately- more out of anger than anything else. But I didn't get into WHY I posted about it the way I did, so that's for here.
Why did I post about this? Here are my reasons, "Great One":
~I made a comment in your journal, and it went as screened.
~Instead of you commenting back through the comment *I* made, you make a *public post* about me about it in a *seperate public post*, "shaming me" publicly to all of your... well, your one friend.
~While I could really care less WHAT you say, it's HOW you said it that pisses me off. Why?
* You screen the comments, allowing no one to be able to see what people say.
* Without the other person's account of things where people can SEE why you made the post you did, you flame me without people knowing WHY you flamed me. Therefore...


I left my honeyandvinegar post open for you to read if you chose for a good fifteen minutes, because I reveal your OWN backstabbing tactics. Don't know what I'm talking about? Ask me here and I'll screen what my "allegations" were. I didn't want certain people finding my post and reading it, finding out some of your OWN dirty laundry. I gave you THAT much, and now it's friended without anyone *important* being able to find it.

So you sir, are a blatant, friendless, arrogant, misleading propagandist for your OWN CAUSE- furthering your pretty-pity-party by making sure no one gets to read what other people have said, then paint yourself as the "just" person within the one-sided, no-one-else-knows-what's-going-on-so-let-me-paint-Veronica-as-the-bitch postings.
You once told me to grow up. Take a fucking page out of your book, or get bent. Your fucking choice.
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